London Hosted Drama Walking Tour List - over 30 dramatic characters to meet

Choose from our range.  Find out about London, its buildings and its past, walking along London's avenues, streets and lanes.  Meet characters from the past or from fiction, our actors are scripted, rehearsed and in period or character costume.  A stunning and unique performance experience.

We work for regular clients with closed, pre-booked tours. Hosted Drama Walks are priced at between £6 and £10 per head, scaled to the number of pre-booked audience members.  Minimum number is 6 people.  Average walking tour time is 90 minutes.

From time to time we offer public, open Hosted Drama Tours on a turn-up-on-the-day basis. These are normally £15 per person, no concessions.

For some of our clients we take commissions to create a tailor-made, site specific drama experience.  Please contact us.

Fiction                                                                                                                    Historic/Cultural Figures  - see below

#F01_Sherlock Holmes
Meet Dr Watson
Starts ::  Bond Street Tube
Ends :: Baker Street Tube 

#F02_Harry Potter
Meet Peter Pettigrew
Starts :: Camden Town Tube or Blackfriars Tube
Ends ::  Kings Cross/St Pancras Tube, Platform 9 3/4
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#F03_Stoneheart by Charlie Fletcher
Meet The Gunner
Starts :: Embankment Tube
Ends :: Blackfriars Tube

#F04_Peter Pan
Meet Mr or Mrs Darling
Starts :: Embankment Tube
Ends :: Russell Square Tube

F#05_Around the World in 80 Days
or Around the West End in 80 Menus and 40 Theatres in two Acts
Meet Phileas Fogg
Act One_F#05a
Starts :: Charing Cross Tube
Ends :: Covent Garden Tube
Act Two_F#05b
Starts :: Covent Garden Tube
Ends :: Embankment Tube

F#06_Charles Dickens in Camden Town
Meet Bob Crachitt from A Christmas Carol
Meet Nancy from Oliver (Twist)
Starts :: Camden Town Tube
Ends :: Mornington Crescent Tube

F#07_The Last of the Warrior Kings by Sarah Mussi
Meet Lady Bluntstone
Starts :: Russell Square Tube/British Museum
Ends :: Embankment Tube
F#08_Paddington (Bear)
Meet Millicent
Starts :: Notting Hill Tube
Ends :: Paddington Station
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Meet Rose
Starts :: Bank Tube
Ends :: Tower Hill Tube

Meet John Drinkwater = William Adams/Anjin Miura
Starts :: Limehouse DLR
Ends :: Wapping Overground

F#11_The Avengers
Meet John Steed
Starts :: Regent's Park Tube
Ends :: Leicester Square Tube

DW#01_Dracula by Bram Stoker
Meet Alice
Starts :: Hampstead Tube
Ends :: Hampstead Tube

DW#02_Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
Meet Mary Shelley
Starts :: Camden Town Tube
Ends :: Kings Cross.St Pancras Tube

Historic and Cultural Figures

Meet Edmund Shakespeare, his younger brother
Starts :: Chancery Lane Tube
Ends :: London Bridge Tube

HC#02_Lady Diana Spencer
Meet Lady Diana (aged 19) on the day she has to decide whether to marry
Starts :: Green Park Tube
Ends :: Knightsbridge Tube

HC#03_King Edward VIII
Meet the King the day he has to choose his country or his divorcee
Starts :: Green Park Tube
Ends :: Sloane Square Tube

HC#04_Charles Dibdin the 18th Century Elton John/Andrew Lloyd Webber
Meet Charles Dibdin by his Grave, seeing if he is still a celebrity
Starts :: Camden Town Tube
Ends :: Mornington Crescent Tube

HC#05_Guy Fawkes and his treasonable Catholic Conspirators
Meet Guy Fawkes at the spot where his fellow conspirators were hung
Starts :: Chancery Lane Tube
Ends :: St Paul's Tube

HC#06_Poets Walk
Meet Mary Shelley at the Old St Pancras memorial to her mother who died giving birth to her
Starts :: Russell Square Tube
Ends :: Mornington Crescent Tube

HC#07_Great Britain at War
Meet Florence Nightingale, the nurse who transformed Britain's war time care and nursing worldwide
Starts :: National Portrait Gallery/Charing Cross Tube
Ends :: Westminster Tube

HC#08_The Beatles
Meet Brian Epstein, the Beatles Manager outside the house were he died from a drugs overdose and a broken heart
Starts :: Green Park Tube
Ends :: Knightsbridge Tube

HC#09_The Rolling Stones and their young manager (20)
Meet Andrew Loog Oldham by the Chelsea flat where Mick Jagger and Keith Richards slummed it before they made it
Starts :: Sloane Square Tube
Ends :: Fulham Broadway Tube

HC#10_Olympics Central London
Meet Baron de Coubertin, the founder in 1896 of the modern Olympic Games
Starts :: Hyde Park Tube
Ends :: Westminster Tube

HC#11_Olympics East End
Meet Harry Mallin, 1924 Boxing Gold Medal Winner
Major Arthur Villiers, Eton Manor Boxing Club Founder
Starts :: Hackney Wick Overground Station
Ends :: Pudding Mill Lane DLR Station

HC#12_William Blake
Meet Catherine Blake, his wife who he taught to read & write
Starts :: Piccadilly Tube
Ends :: Temple Tube

HC#13_The Ripper <> DW#03
Meet A Victim's best friend. The Royal Suspect.  A Detective
Starts :: Shoreditch High Street Overground Station
Ends :: Whitechapel Tube/Overground

HC#14_Ian Fleming
Meet Ian Fleming, Etonian
Starts :: Bank Tube
Ends ::  Temple Tube
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Meet Ian Fleming, Etonian
Starts :: Goring Hotel, nr Victoria Tube
Ends :: Ritz Hotel, nr Green Park Tube / Marble Arch Tube (longer walk)
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HC#15_William Adams/Anjn Miura = Shogun (F#10)
Meet William Adams
Starts :: Limehouse DLR
Ends :: Wapping Overground

HC#16 Laurel & Hardy // Stan & Laurel (2018)
Meet Stan Laurel
Starts :: The Langham Hotel, nr Oxford Circus tune
Ends :: The Savoy Hotel nr Temple Tube

DW#04_1864 Murder on the Hackney Express
Meet The Detective
Starts :: Hackney Wick Overground
Ends :: Hackney Wick Overground