Dark Walk 4 >> Victorian Train Murder

Dark Walk 4. Hackney Wick
. The Victorian Railway Murder (1864). Pride (2014).
Starts Hackney Wick Overground E9 5ER & The Hackney Pearl E9 5LX. Ends The Crate Brewery E9 5EN

Hackney Wick, once the poorest and smelliest, industrial part of East London and chosen in 1886 by Eton for its Christian charity and sports, Mission and buildings. Hackney Wick now in the shadows of the Olympic Stadium has become a funky and arty quarter with only the smells a trendy micro-brewery with hand-rolled pizza and Formans smoked fishery. But by the old railway lines and dark canalsides, horrible, historic murders have happened. The first ever railway murder, a Banker killed for his gold watch, by a poor immigrant. Tracked down escaping to America and overtaken at sea, arrested, brought back, tried at the Old Bailey and hanged there in public in the City of London. The last crowd-pleasing hanging.  An even worse more modern murder took place at Hackey Wick station.  Truly horrible and real.

Movie stories and film locations, including Pride (2014), Don't Fight, But Win (2011),Unbroken (2014) Chariots of Fire (1981), The Victorian Railway Murder (TV2013), The Dark Knight Rises (2012), Belle (2014).

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