Dark Walk 3 >> TheRipper

Dark Walk 3 Spitalfield. The Ripper (1888). The Geezer Movies. Dracula.

Starts Shoreditch High Street Overground E1 6GY & Beach.Blanket.Babylon E1 6LA
Ends Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street Station*EC2M 7QN or The Bull. EC2M 4RH

The old squalor, immigrant diasporas and East London villainy where in 1888 five women were ripped apart, mercilessly to death. Later two local boys boxed, ruled their local Manor, next the East End and then the West End, mercilessly, but were caught and died in prison for their murderous crimes. Dark, diamond geezers.  * Dracula (1897) storyline here and in other parts of East London.

Movie stories and filming locations, including Jack the Ripper (1988), Whitechapel TV (2009), Ripper Street (2012, 2014), Legend (2014), The Lodger (1924), The Krays (1990), Snatch (2000), The Long Good Friday (1981), Sexy Beast (2000), Legend (2015).

There are 57 Jack the Ripper IMDB storyline credits. The 1988 version showcased geezer Michael Caine (ne Mickelwhite. b. Bermondsey, father a fish-porter),  Caine has 159 IMDB geezer credits in total.  Bob Hoskins (b. Finsbury Park, father a lorry driver) 89 geezer IMDB credits, Ray Winstone (b. Hackney, father a greengrocer) 127 geezer IMDB credits. Guy Ritchie (b. Hatfield, Herts, father an ad man) 13 geezer IMDB credits. Tom Hardy (b.Hammersmith. father a novelist; educated at prep schools) 46 geezer IMDB credits.

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