Dark Walk 2 >> Frankenstein

Dark Walk 2 Camden Town to St Pancras featuring Frankenstein (1819)
Start oppposite Camden Town tube NW1 8NH & The World's End (Pub) NW1 0NE : Underworld Entrance
Ends St Pancras Hotel NW1 2AR

From Dickensian Gothic, the Mexican Day of the Dead to the Gothic St Pancras Station,  via the old graveyards and memorials in Camden Town, including the Old St Pancras tomb of Mary Woolstencraft (d. 1797), mother of Mary Shelley.  The mother died shortly after giving birth to the future author of Frankenstein (1819), the book conceived the same weekend in dull Switzerland, really, as the first Vampyre (1818) book. Dark. Very Dark.

Movie stories and filming locations including A Christmas Carol (1901 to 2009), Oliver (Twist) (1909, 1968, 2009), Frankenstein (1912 to 2015), Harry Potters (2001 to 2011), Withnail and I (1987).  Happy Go Lucky (2008). Pride (2014). In November 2014 Mary Shelley has 96 IMDB credits for Frankenstein. Charles Dickens has 345 IMDB credits , the winner of all time is Shakespeare with 1012 IMDB credits.

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Graveyard where Mary Shelley's Mother is Buried